St Keyna Lodge is named after a fabled Welsh Princess who cleared Keynsham of snakes. We are proud of our strong local connection and in the keeping alive of this local folk tale.  Formed in 1879 we are a ‘Centenary’ lodge of Freemasons warranted as the Lodge numbered 1833 in the register of the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE).  We are looking forward to celebrating 150 years in 2029.  We are a small but friendly lodge, we welcome all with open arms and open hearts.  Unusually, as we meet In what is an ‘Emulation’ province, we perform a configuration of ‘Bristol’ ceremonies which allude to a masonic presence over the whole surface of the globe and provides a rare experience to all our candidates as they pass through their work or degrees in Freemasonry.

We are an inclusive lodge and actively encourage our members to take part in our ceremonies, take lodge office and eventually to become the Master of the lodge.  We understand that learning lots of words and actions may be difficult for some and we fully support all those who want to make a daily advancement in masonic knowledge, and, ultimately become better men.

Our membership whilst modest is diverse.  We have engineers, tradesmen, shop and business owners, retired bankers and retailers, old sailors and railwaymen. We welcome diversity in the widest sense.

Meeting on the second Monday of most months at the Keynsham Masonic Hall, Keynsham, Bristol which is in the Province of Somerset, we work diligently in our formal meetings upstairs in our lodge room. Afterwards when we sit to dine down-stairs, we like to shed the stiff formalities (with all due reverence) and work at the enjoyment of our after meetings, at being congenial hosts to our guests, and with our aim at the end of the night to head home with a smile on our faces, a contentment in our bellies and an excitement looking forward to our next masonic event.  If our values appeal to you we’d really look forward to hearing from you.  A phone call or email could change your life for the betterment of yourself and those around you.  St Keyna Lodge awaits….

Our Lodge is unique in-as-much-as we have a full set of professionally painted three dimensional wall plaques depicting the full story of the Third Degree (shown below)


Photography by Bro. Simon Jump  of Saltford Lodge No. 8633


Where We Meet; Keynsham Masonic Hall, Bath Road, Keynsham, Bristol BS31 1SR

We meet on the second Monday of January, February, March, May, October and November at 6.30pm except in January, which is at 5.30pm for our Installation Meeting.

We welcome visits from any brother who is a member of a lodge recognised by the United Grand Lodge of England.  If you would care to join us, please contact the Secretary  SECRETARY