In 2004 we celebrated our 125th Lodge Anniversary and held a specal meeting to celebrate.  We were joined by the Provicial Grand Master and his team of officers.  The ceremony celebrated our anniversary by rededicating the Lodge Banner which had been professionally restored.

The summons for the meeting is shown below.

125th Lodge Anniversary Summons

In 2006 Keynsham Masonic Hall celebrated 60 years of masonic use.  Whilst the hall was built principally by St Keyna Lodge during the first year of WW2, it was not used for masonic ceremonies until 14th September 1946.  St Keyna Lodge carried out a double initiation ceremony where Bros. B. W. Stacey and Gordon Bennett were the initiates.  Examination of the attendance book will show that Worshipful Bro. Gordon Bennett PPrAGPursv, joined the brethren in celebration that evening by way of a rededication of the Lodge Temple following a renovation.

For further information about the history and events leading up to the building of the Temple; see The Temple Page

Summons for the 60th Anniversary of Masonic Use of the Hall