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    Brethren are aware that a number of different rituals are in use throughout England. The Emulation Ritual is the one generally accepted for use, and is worked in lodges in the Province of Somerset, except for the older lodges which meet at Keynsham.

    If we accept that as a fact, it seems that the Bristol Working was introduced into the Province of Somerset by the Lodge of Agriculture, through W. Bro. J. R. Bramble, the first Master, and in due course passed on to the Vale of Brislington Lodge when it was founded in 1869. ·

    If there is any lingering doubt about the Ritual used in the Lodge of Agriculture in the 1870s, there can be none so far as the Vale of Brislington Lodge (our Mother Lodge) is concerned. The first Master came from Beaufort Lodge: so did his Senior Warden. There were four other Bristol brethren. It is understandable that the new lodge used a ritual familiar to them. As the petition was regularly supported and recommended by the Provincial Grand Master, it can be assumed that there was no objection by those most likely to be concerned. The Bristol Working has continued in uninterrupted use to this day.

    When St. Keyna was constituted, it followed the ritual of its ‘mother’ lodge and used Bristol Working. In due time (1922) the Abbey Lodge was founded through the efforts of St. Keyna brethren and they too continued the tradition and followed St. Keyna practice.

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