The Lodge Banner

A few years after the lodge was instituted, the lodge committee decided to buy a banner.

Bro. Parnell’s wife was an expert needle-woman and undertook to make it. Odd as it may seem, no design or advice seems to have been given to the lady: it was left to her ingenuity to design what she felt was appropriate.

In September 1886, W. Bro.  Parnell received a Provincial collar from the Provincial Grand Master, the Earl of Carnarvon. What could be more appropriate, thought Mrs. Parnell, than to reciprocate the honour accorded to her husband by incorporating the Arms of the Earl into the design on the banner!  This she proceeded to do. Mrs. Parnell completed her task in 1888.

The banner bears the following:

An Earl’s coronet, trimmed with real ermine, surmounted by a Wyvern; the crest of the Herbert family.  The shield bears three lions rampant:  on each side of the shield there is a masonic emblem unconnected with the Craft which will readily be recognised by brethren in another Degree.  Two compasses and squares also appear.

Beneath is an inscription in Old French-

“UNG JE SERVIRAl”   (One will I Serve)

and a serpent stone appears as a reminder of the legend of St. Keyna.

Mrs. Parnell would take no payment for the service so readily given, but accepted from the lodge a marble clock, inscribed as follows:

“Presented by the brethren of St. Keyna Lodge, No. 1833, to Mrs. George O’Connor-Parnell in recognition of her great kindness, skill and ability, in designing and working the banner of the lodge-February 1888.”